How Is Your Sleep and Low T Linked?

Did you know that sleep troubles can sometimes be associated with low testosterone in men? It might commonly be talked up to be stress, age, work or other varying factors but the truth is that when your sleep is disturbed regularly it can stress your cortisone levels. What does that mean? That cortisone level can directly impact your testosterone levels. If that cortisone level increases too much your testosterone can decrease which causes a domino effect of other impacts. Makes sense right?

Your testosterone levels replenish every night so that means that good, solid, consistent nights of sleep are crucial for maintaining healthy testosterone levels. This can be hard to achieve. Wouldn’t we all like to sleep for a straight 8 hours? Even 6 or 7? If it were only that easy!

Another way sleep and Low T are linked is through your energy levels. If you struggle with Low T you likely feel less energetic throughout the day. If you are then unable to catch up on sleep at night you are entering a vicous cycle. Testosterone Replacement Therapy works to regulate these levels while sleep and energy are just a few of the many positive results someone can benefit from.

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