Why Choose Us?

Chicagoland Men’s Health is dedicated to utilizing the most up to date hormone replacement medications and protocols in the management of low testosterone.


The mission of our doctors and staff is to provide you with these Hormone Replacement Therapy services following four main principles:

Safety – We never prescribe any medications without first performing a detailed patient history, a complete physical examination, and a comprehensive blood panel. Our labs check not only for low testosterone and hormone levels, but other indicators of underlying disease as well. We do follow up blood panels regularly to ensure that your hormones stay consistent and within normal, healthy levels. All of your follow up blood work and examinations are covered as part of your all inclusive monthly fee.

Affordability – Our program costs only $199 per month and includes ALL medications, ALL supplies, ALL follow up lab work and office visits, and concierge medical support. You will NEVER pay an additional fee for your program. Ever!

Comprehensive – Some clinics offer a low price program that includes only testosterone and/or only the lowest possible dose of your medications. Chicagoland Men’s Health provides you with ALL of the necessary medications to ensure proper testosterone levels, and at whatever dose is needed to help achieve and maintain those levels.

Convenience – Once your doctor determines that you are a candidate for testosterone therapy, your medications and all necessary supplies will be shipped to you directly to your home. Our program requires only one in office doctor visit per year, but we allow for unlimited office visits as part of the program. You will be given instructions on exactly how to administer your medications, including preparation and proper dose. You will automatically receive your medications bi monthly without having to do a thing, as well as instructions for your scheduled lab follow ups. You can always schedule additional office visits at no additional cost if needed, but most of our patients do not find this to be necessary.

Dr. Marc Adajar, Surgeon | M.D. | TRT Specialist

Dr. Adajar started his journey into medicine as a general surgeon in 2006 after graduating from the University of Illinois Metropolitan Group Hospital surgical residency. Since 2006, he has continued to work as a general surgeon in the North Chicago area.

Dr. Adajar also has studied and focused his attention to nutrition, training and the critical importance optimizing hormones.

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