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“As someone who takes my health and fitness extremely seriously, I was recommended to Dr. Kauf and the team at Chicagoland Men’s Health by none other than my Father. Skeptical at first and going into my first appointment with some apprehension, from the moment I walked in and still 6 months later, I’ve had a great patient experience and can say without any doubt, this practice has made a tremendous impact in my physical, mental and possibly even my spirutal health. The services I receive at Chicagoland Men’s Health have been superb. I’ve been so pleased with my results that I even referred my two good friends Matt and Hallie (yes, female’s are patients here as well) and they too are very happy with the level of customer service, professionalism, the knowledge Dr. Kauf and his team have and at the end of the day the quantifiable and real results seen within around 2/3 months or so. Not to mention, you will never, ever meet another doctor who is as quick to respond with any questions or concerns as promptly as Dr. Kauf. I’m a real patient and this is my real experience.”

“In my 30’s and into my 40’s I noticed a significant loss in energy and stamina and often had troubles making it though a day without taking a nap. I also experienced slow and steady weight gain that I just couldn’t control. In August of 2015 weighing 196 lbs the heaviest in my life, I contacted Dr Kauf at Chicagoland Men’s Health for an appointment.

The blood tests and physical completed by Chicagoland Men’s Health showed that I had low levels of testosterone. Shortly after with their supervision I started Testosterone replacement therapy. After about 2 months I saw a significant increase in energy levels and I was finally able to make it through the day without a nap. I also experienced a welcomed increase in sexual drive, endurance and stamina. I took this new found energy and drive and poured it into my fitness activities which include weights at the gym, biking and I even started doing hot yoga. Six months into my journey I had lost about 10 lbs and built some nice new muscle mass and was feeling great and starting to look better. I wasn’t done and wanted more so I kept pushing. At the 1 year mark I had lost over 20lbs and built the muscles back that I use to have in my 20’s. I was finally feeling good and looking good. Don’t think at all that testosterone replacement is a magic bullet that will solve all your problems. You have to put in the work, you have to workout, you have to look at your diet, you have to make changes in your life. After going through this process, this transformation I can say that I have no doubt that the Testosterone replacement helped me significantly meet my goals. I will even say that I have exceeded my goals. I’ll be 50 years old in a few months and I’m ripped 🙂 What more could you ask for….. Thanks Dr Kauf”

“I’m 60 and have been going to Chicagoland Men’s Health since 2018. I’m stronger than any time in my life. I love it!”

These are the before and after photos of Dr. Marc Adajar, who is the lead physician at Chicagoland Men’s Health. Dr. Adajar, age 50, is on our Testosterone and Peptide programs.

“I wish more men took their blood work seriously, has a huge effect on mental health. This is just the outside, but it’s reflective of the inside. This is my pic pre TRT and 1 year after!”

“310 to 240 in 4.5 months! I’ve lost 70 pounds since starting your TRT program In January and am feeling great!”

“I went from 220lbs to 158lbs in the last 5 months on the program. Starting eating clean and working out 5 days a week. I’m really happy and feel great! Thank you Dr Kauf!”

“I was in my early 30’s and had zero sex drive, no desire to exercise and was overwhelmed and depressed.

Thanks to Chicagoland Men’s Health and Dr. Kauf I found out the problem was my low testosterone levels. I’m now able to live an active healthy lifestyle and lead by example for my child.”

“I’m a 37 year old, Director of Information Technology. I started out at 206 lbs, 38 inch waist and 47% body fat.

After 2 years of TRT w/ Dr. Mike and his team, I’m down to 178lbs, 32 inch waist and 17% body fat. Those are the physical benefits. My mental clarity, focus, and energy levels feel higher than when I was in my early 20’s. I wish I started working with Chicagoland Men’s Health sooner!”

“I started with CMH about 2 years ago due to being diagnosed w/ LOW T @ a younger age. Some of my symptoms included lack of energy IE. Always feeling tired, decreased lean body mass and increased body fat around my mid section. Once I started my TRT program I started to notice the difference within the first month & have never felt better!

Initially I had more energy for work and energy to push myself through with my current fitness regime. I also changed my lifestyle by not drinking alcohol on a weekend basis and cleaned up my daily meals to a cleaner more nutrient based diet. Within 30 days of making these changes I had dramatic results which resulted in 10lbs of weight loss and around 10% decreased BF w/ increased lean body mass. I am now living my best life and staying true to the program with bi-annual blood-work and utilizing the professional resources provide to me by CMH. I would encourage anyone with any signs or symptoms of Low-T to seek the professional medical consulting @ CMH and get started today the time is now!”

“I lost 30 pounds and went to under 17 percent body fat on the Chicagoland Men’s Health HRT program!”

“The past year has been life changing. Worked on managing diet, training and recovery. Only down 10 lbs but lost 10% body fat, gained strength and recomp’ing. At 53, I feel better than I have in 25 years. Still have a long way to go. Thanks for your support!”

“Thanks Mike!”

“From 317lbs when I first met you in October of 2021, to 249lbs in May 2023!”

“Doc, wanted to share a before and after. I started a year ago today!!”

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