Our Comprehensive Program

Chicagoland Men’s Health offers a complete and inclusive Hormone Replacement Therapy program that includes ALL of your monthly medications and supplies (including shipping) for only $199 per month.


The Complete Program Includes:

  • 24/7 support from our medical team
  • ALL follow up lab work and blood testing
  • ALL medical supplies and shipping charges
  • ALL follow up Doctor’s visits and exams
  • Convenience – Only 1-2 office visits are required per year
  • ALL medications prescribed by your physician, including Testosterone, HCG and Anastrozole

There are NO extra charges or hidden fees.
$199 per month is all you’ll pay. Ever!

Chicagoland Men’s Health offers affordable and convenient testosterone treatment by a licensed medical doctor to men who have stopped producing normal levels of testosterone.
Testosterone therapy utilizes a combination of several medications and requires constant monitoring. You will be prescribed a customized treatment plan determined by your age, symptoms, physical examination findings and blood levels. Your Hormone Replacement Therapy will be closely monitored by a board certified physician, and if there are fluctuations in your hormone levels, a change in dose can be made accordingly. The signs and symptoms of low testosterone are often attributed to being merely an indication of increased age. For this reason, men are living with more fatigue, less energy, less stamina, less vigor and less optimism than they previously enjoyed. If you believe that you might benefit from testosterone therapy, make the phone call to (312) 888-5655 and let us tell you how you can begin the process of feeling great again.

Once you fill out and submit our secure online medical history form, we will call you to schedule an appointment with our medical doctor. At this appointment, you will have your blood drawn and receive a physical examination by our board certified, medical doctor. Our physician will review your results, and if it is determined that you are a candidate for testosterone therapy, your prescription will be submitted to a pharmacy. The medications then will be shipped directly to you, and in most cases, you can receive your medications the very next day. You will receive detailed instructions on administering your medications on your initial visit.

That’s it. It’s that simple! Our program requires only 1 annual follow up visit, so the program is very convenient. All follow up lab work is scheduled in advance by our office and is covered by your monthly fee. Your medications will be shipped directly to your home with all the supplies you’ll need to administer them.

Call (312) 888-5655 today and one of our low testosterone experts
can answer any of your questions.

Client Testimonials

I heard their radio ad on the way to work and they described everything i was feeling. I went in and within 2 weeks i was new man. 3 mos later i have lost almost 25 lbs and have way more energy and happiness. To say my love life is improved is an understatement lol. I feel 21 again--I strongly recommend this group. i know i am rambling but seriously i have never been happier. thank you CMH

~ Greg F. Ingleside, IL

Within 3 days of my first treatment I was off all other medication. My depression and insomnia were gone and I had more energy than I knew what to do with. Within a week I had lost 5 lbs, and increased my bench, squat, and deadlifts by 20%. I honestly feel like I'm half my age, which my wife was of course thrilled about. I'm sharp as a shark's tooth, and haven't been this clear mentally in years. I now look forward to my workouts, and my work.

~ Troy F. Chicago, IL

Everyone that works here is extremely nice and very knowledgeable. Already seeing a difference in my health and its only been a month. Thanks!

~ Garrett S. Chicago, IL

The most important thing to me is I've been on TRT with Chicagoland Men's Health for about 6 months, I've lost about 12lbs, my waist has shrunk from 34" to a 30" and my muscle tone hasn't been this good in 15 years.

~ TI F. Woodridge, IL

I've been on this program for 4 months and I feel amazing. My sleep, workouts, libido, and my mood have gotten a lot better. I can't imagine not being on this stuff.

~ Ray F. Chicago, IL

My energy level immediately spiked as in right after my first injections of b12 and testosterone. My sleep requirement has plummeted from needing 7-8 hours to needing 5-6 and I don't get tired during the day anymore. I am already looking and feeling stronger. My stamina has increased greatly.

~ Aaron K. Chicago, IL

It's been a little over 6 months and I've lost 25+ pounds of fat and gained easily 10 pounds of muscle. I do workout 3 x a week and also do yoga. My gut is almost gone and I'm shooting for a 6 pack for this spring.

~ Steven S. Chicago, IL

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