Age is Only a Number

When people are diagnosed with low testosterone,  they often equate it to old age. While testosterone production naturally declines as we get older, age is not the only reason for a decrease in testosterone production.  Researches have long debated whether low testosterone is due to age, or if it is actually a disorder within someone’s biological makeup. We see broad range of patients come through our office doors when it comes to their T health. Some men in their 20’s have lower testosterone levels then  men in their 60’s!  Men in their 20s and 30’s who have low testosterone levels can suffer from erectile dysfunction, insomnia, weight gain just like men in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s!
We urge men to get their blood levels tested as it is the best and most efficient way to check for low testosterone and your overall testosterone health.
(Source:  HealthLine)

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